How To Create A Most Converting Facebook Landing Page?

facebook landing page creation

Many of us do not know still about a nice feature of Facebook and this is a Facebook landing page. It is basically a combination of landing pages and Facebook. Landing pages are really great to increase the conversions enough. It is seen that most people do not follow the websites associated with the Facebook fan pages and some follow but if the website is poorly made then it will be devastating for your brand. So the better idea is to send those visitors to an optimized Facebook landing page.

The design and creation of a nice landing page are not that much complex as you think. Here are the steps to create a nice custom Facebook landing page.

Step-1: Installing The Static HTML iFrame Tabs

Without creating a custom tab, we cannot get a desired a landing page. But the static FBML options are not working anymore so there we need to use Static HTML iFrame tabs. You can get the Static HTML options easily here. When the link loads you have to find out the “Add To My Page” and add it.

Step-2: Designing The Landing Page

It is the best part here. It is time-consuming but the problem is you cannot make it automatic if you want it something different and lucrative. Just try to think what your visitors may want from your page when they come and try to design your tab keeping that in mind. Once you can do this you would see how the number of fans is increasing rapidly. See some popular landing pages here for your insights.

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Step-3: Creating The Ultimate Page

Now you are ready with the Facebook landing page template. You can access to that by clicking ‘welcome’ from the header of the page. Now select what contents you want to show to your visitors that will make the visitors like your page and then enter the respective HTML codes. Keep in mind that at the first box the contents displayed are for non-fans and at the second box the contents are for fans only.

Here are the separate codes for the two separate uses:

facebook landing page design

And here’s the code you can enter into the second box:

facebook landing page design

You can see that two codes are looking similar and yes it is, all you need to do is to change the image URL as you want to display before and after.

Here we have tried to keep things simple enough and this is really simple. Just be creative and try to integrate what your visitors could like. This easy steps can make your fan page different from others and you will get nice results within a short time. Please let us know if this  article is helpful to you or not? Also throw any queries to us to answer and we will be back to you within the shortest possible time.

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