3 Best Free Online Video Editing Software To Use in 2016!

Best free online video editing tool

We love to take videos and love to publish them at our favorite places. But the interesting thing is we do not want to share just raw videos rather we want to share something looking professional and lucrative so that we can earn some extra credits from friends and family and even for more purposes. Here comes the necessity of video editing software. The idea of desktop video editing software has long gone. Nowadays we love to edit any images or websites online for free and those are quite helpful also. There is several quality online video editing software that can we use solely. The most significant matter is to get used to any one of the best ones and that can easily fulfill all of your requirements. Here we have sorted out only three video editing software that have got the highest positive feedback from users, user-friendly and integrated with a lot of features.


shotclip video editing software
This is could be a great one if you’re at a beginner’s stage. Besides the website, they have their phone applications too for you’re every video editing need. Just open a free account, upload your videos and do what you want to do with your videos. Signing up is easy and you can sign-in by your Facebook or Google plus account or use E-mail. After uploading your videos, you can see the videos will be divided into template images format, you can then add your required text or materials into it.

YouTube Editor

youtube video editor online
We are all used to YouTube for watching and hosting our videos. But we rarely know about YouTube editor. Yes, YouTube also have their own video editing tool online for free. It is enriched with modern features that might be needed to edit any kind of videos. This is a complete service from YouTube. The noteworthy features are blurring tools, combining multiple videos, adding music, sound or special effects. If you have YouTube account then you are allowed to use this tool. Also, you have the chance to pick any videos having the creative common license which you can use your videos to make that something different.


videotoolbox online video editor
VideoToolBox is one of the most popular with awesome features. It is free to use, just needs you to sign up before using this. Besides the regular features that other tools are offering VideoToolBox has some different services also such as you can convert the edited video files to any other of the following popular formats: MP4, 3GP, VOB, AVI, WMV, MOV etc. It also allows larger video file up to 600MB. You have the option to record your videos from webcam or cameras directly into the dashboard if the videos are not ready. Even you are allowed uploading or downloading from other popular video hosting sites such as Daily Motion, Vimeo or YouTube. Trimming, Blurring, cropping, merging and other are common features of this free online tool.

Using any of these tools does not need any training or special skill to work with. Spend some time and you can easily understand how to use and how to make it special for you. Please let me know what you are thinking about this and if there are any queries with the issue in the comment section. You can also read our post on “How to Earn Serious Money on Youtube (Secrets Revealed)!! which is closely related to this one.

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