A Surprising Tool To Grow Your Youtube Channel Fast

grow your youtube channel fast

Youtube is the giant video sharing site , people from all over the world are using youtube for fun and entertainment. Besides there are other benefits like earning from youtube videos. The main thing for earning from youtube  are- uploading huge number of videos and getting a good number of views at each videos. Secrets are revealed here-

There are many tools that can help us for our youtube channels optimization like YouTube Viral growth plugin can help  getting more subscribers by curating videos, GraphicalTube can help making great cover images for the respective channels. But today especially we are talking here about another new but most important tool called “vidIQ”. Let’s learn about this tool in details. The most important thing of this video analytics and marketing this is  that it can give you useful insights about what to do for getting highest exposure from your Youtube channel.  Every youtube pulisher has now basic knowledge about using keywords into video title, optimizing the long description etc but for best competition we should know some advanced tips and tricks, where vidIQ can greatly help us. Let’s start-

Using vidIQ For Your Youtube Channel

Starting with vidIQ is pretty easy. Login to your youtube account and then connect with vidIQ. After the connection is done you can see a dashboard vidIQ tool for youtube channelwhere this tool have listed all of your videos. Here you can see the information about shares, views, likes & others in separate columns.You will be surprised when you see that you can change the description or title or others from here directly. You can also check and add new tags that is a secret of getting more views in your videos. vidIQ also suggests the best tags for your videos and you can use upto 50 tags for each videos. Sometimes we may running short of ideas about what tags would be best then we can steal some tags from the similar videos on youtube!! But before doing that we have to istall a small chrome extension called “Free vidIQ Chrome Extension” . After installing this app go to your searched videos you want the tags for. Here you can see only few tags publicly visible but here comes vidIQ magic, vidIQ will show you all the tags that video is using and also will show you the sources of the traffic for that specific video. Interesting right?? The traffic sources are of great use to reach further.

Have you ever thought of having serious traffic from the Youtube videos to your website landing pages?? You cannot wait to learn how to right?? vidIQ tool interfaceHere again comes vidIQ with their exclusive “Description Campaign Feature”. To have facility from this just add some text line with a link to your desired website page address into all of your video descriptions. This tool comes with many other features like this one like competitor monitoring and optimization. Competitors analysis will let you compare your channel’s progress with your near competitors.

All you need to do is to create an account with vidIQ and import all of your videos into this. For starting you can select the free account to see how this works. Pro version starts with $10 a month but you will unlimited exposures for sure with that amount.

Do not hesitate to share this one with your friends and relatives, many of them are using youtube for uploading for sure. Let me know any queries about this here at comment.

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