Top 5 Tracking Apps 2016 For Finding Your Lost Android Device

android device lost

It is beyond saying that Android devices are the most widely used devices all over the world now. Android devices are popular for their amazing features, which are also cost effective. These smartphones are not only for entertainment, but also there are many features that can help us at many of our daily lifestyle chores. But android devices may lose sometimes either by any kind of thief or by any other means. When we lost our device we fall into serious problems sometimes cause we like to use our smartphones for many official works too like surfing internet, reading official docs, important notes and scan copies etc. Besides there may be a lot of images, videos, recordings etc. Generally people become helpless and hopeless in this specific situation and many of them simply give up of finding the device. But no need to be frustrated at that moment as there are several different apps for tracking the android device but the problem is many people do not know how to use those apps for tracking lost device. Today by this article I am showing the best 5 apps to find out where is your android device which is lost or stolen.

  1. Prey Anti-Theft

Prey Anti-theft is a popular tracking apps, which is available at Google Play store. The most interesting thing about this app is after completing the installing this app at your phone it will be hidden and only you can remove that one by the password you have set during the installation. This app allow you to lock you device, take pictures by both the cameras, can trigger an alarm on phone remotely, track the GPS location etc.  Now when your phone got missing then you can activate that by simply sending a text message with another device or phone. All you have to do is to write ‘GO PREY’ and send it.

Android tracking apps

  1. Anti Droid Theft

This is a free app, available in Google play store. It has a special feature that is it can give you the images taken by your stolen device. You can collect those images from their website Besides this app will provide extra security to your lost or stolen phone. It generally allows you to changes to phone number and sim card and you can track your phone by GPS positioning through this app. Collect this here-

Anti Droid Theft Tracking Apps

  1. Where’s My Droid

It is one of the most popular android apps for tracing lost or stolen android phone. It has vast popularity for it’s excellent features. The most interesting thing is you can control your device by the web based interface which allow you to connect to a commander option. Through this app one can also make his/her device ringing even if the phone is at silent mode by simply sending a code. For getting GPS coordinates when the phone is not connected to the internet you just need to send a text message.

Where's My Droid Tracking Apps

  1. Android Device Manager

This is popular tracking apps and is integrated with your Google account. has an easy to use interface. The exclusives features of this apps are- you can follow your device on Google map, you can delete all the data from your phone by this app to save those from harmful usage, lock your phone so that the thief or the person got the mobile cannot use it and the most interesting is you can change the screen lock pins of you device.

Android Device App Manager Tracking Apps

  1. Seek Droid

You will like the interface of Seek Droid as it is standard enough. It is easily accessible at Google play store with free of cost. You can locate you phone through the website. The special things you can do by this app are- wiping you device, wiping the SD Card, Remote locking the device, get the info about recent calls, get some significant device information also. Install it and enjoy.

Seek Droid Tracking App

So here it is. Using any of these apps can make you stress free at the situation- your device is lost or stolen. Do not be selfish to share the info with your friends as many of them are also using smartphones.

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