Complete Guide About Adding Your Website In to Google Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome Web Store

This article is a handy one about adding site to your chrome web store. This is a step-by-step guide about the topic and it is narrated simply so that everyone can do this easily.

This guide has two parts one is “Make The Site Ready” and the second one is “Adding Site Into The  Store”

Step-1: Making The Site Ready:

  1. You have to verify the ownership of your site at the Google Webmaster tool. So if you are yet not verified then first verify yourself here-Google Webmaster tool
  2. The select an icon for your website. Make sure the icon is at PNG format and the size should not be exceeded 128*128 pixels. Finally name the icon file as “icon_128.png”
  3. Write a brief description about your site. Write specifically so that people get reasons to add your site at their chromes. Focuses on the key phrases like what services do you offer? Why you are different from mothers etc. etc. But there is character limit of 15000.
  4. Collect some nice screenshots, at least two. The best sizes are 600*400 and 1280*400
  5. Besides screenshots we also need to promotional images must. You know very well that promotional images are very important to attract more people. If they like the images they will check the app and will try to connect it. The size of the images is fixed as 440*280 and 920*680.
  6. You need a manifest file for that also. Do not worry there is a little coding but we have shared the coding below. You can use the same code, just change the website name and description and URLs. Just copy-paste the code stated below into a note pad :

“manifest_version”: 2,
“name”: “Your Website Name”,
“description”: “Add Description (70 Characters).”,
“version”: “”,
“icons”: {
“128”: “icon_128.png”
“app”: {
“urls”: [
“launch”: {
“web_url”: “”

Finally save the file as manifest.json

  1. Now you need to create a zip file including the manifest.json and the icon file(icon_128.png). Name the zip file as

Step-2: Add the Site At The Store:

  1. Login into your Gmail or Google account. Then copy-paste the following URL into your web browser-

  1. If this is your first time then you have to pay a fee of $5. You can find the link at the bottom of the page called “pay the fee now. Once you have completed the payment the rest of the features will be there for you.
  2. Next click the “add new item” button.
  3. Then you will get the option to add a zip file. Then select the zip file ( you have created above. Then by clicking the upload button you can finally upload the app.
  4. Then you will be asked to complete the following tasks: upload the icon file, write or add the description, add the promotional images, add the screenshots, choose the keywords and select category
  5. There is also an option to integrate your Google analytics ID with this app. I prefer to add this to track the downloads or visitors info. The statistics will be available at your Google analytics ID then.
  6. Finally click the ‘publish changes’ button to publish the app instantly at chrome web store. It will take only few minutes to be available at the store.

Now you can see the app either you are logged into your Gmail account or not logged in. That is it simple but just follow the steps carefully here. YOu can also get the official guideline here- and if you have any question regarding this just shoot an email at this

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